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To register with our agency:
First of all, you must fill out the application form in the application section. Your application form may not have reached us. This may be due to your incomplete information. The reply we sent to you did not reach you because you wrote your phone number incorrectly and / or incomplete. You should check your phone number carefully, as the replies we send you will only be by phone.

What is the process after the application?
We answer your application to our agency within 3 working days at the latest. If your application is accepted as positive, we invite you to take photos and promotional videos to join our agency staff. All necessary information on this subject will be passed on to you.

Why are my pictures not showing in the Casting & Gamer section of your website?
Everyday, our renewing staff is updated daily in our data and presentations are made in line with the request of our customers (Director / Producer / Artist / Channel, etc.). Therefore, only our customers are presented by adhering to the principle of confidentiality.

When will I get work from your agency?
Our agency is obliged to make your presentation and presentations to the customers. As a result of these presentations, you are the only customers who will choose our casting-actors for a specific job and offer a job. Our agency is not an employer like all other agencies, but an institution that mediates you with customers.



We have a wide variety of professional women, men and child models.

Fashion Models

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